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A special passion for Dr. Carolin is addressing the unique needs of the pregnant woman. She is uniquely qualified to care for a woman from pre-conception through the postpartum period. Dr. Carolin is well versed in the complex changes that occur throughout pregnancy, during the birth process, and immediately afterwards. She can:
  • Alleviate physical discomforts
  • Perform the Webster and/or Bagnell techniques for optimal fetal positioning and growth
  • Attend births as part of an integrated support team and is available to care for the newborn immediately after the birth to optimize the newborn's nervous system and adjustment into life. (She can be available to come to place of birth for this care.)
  • Studies have shown chiropractic can shorten labor duration and intensity
  • Aid in the treatment of infertility and PMS
Chiropractic is a natural extension of any healthy lifestyle. Chiropractic can, over time, correct long-standing subluxations. Once these corrections have been achieved, optimal health is easily maintained with regular visits in conjunction with any other modality of healthcare.