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The Healing Room
17 Armory Road, Suite 4
Milford, NH 03055
At the Healing Room, we understand how difficult it is to find good-quality, natural healthcare products that you trust and a price you can afford. We have some items in stock or you can order directly through this link at a 20% discount!  Many product lines are available to you there, as well as a list of Dr. Carolin's favorite products.  With hundreds of items, you are certain to find what you need!

Click here to buy products. (Access Code is HEALRM)
New Chapter* - vitamins, minerals and probiotics from whole food sources
Haberlin's Herbals - locally crafted herbal supplements, including my favorite elderberry syrup
Herbal Energetics - locally crafted herbal supplements, including "stop it cold"
Natural Keepsakes* - locally-made herbal remedies (balms, salves, oils & more!)
Boiron Remedies
Pure Encapsulation
Bach's Rescue Remedy* - homeopathic stress remedy, made from flower essences
Flora - pure, potent European herbal remedies
BioFreeze* - herbal, topical, fast-acting pain relief
Dynaflex* - ergonomic body fitness and physical therapy products
Soleo* - 100% natural and environmentally-friendly sunscreens

*we have many items from this company in stock!

Please ask about any products you are interested in at your next appointment, or give us a call!